• Kitchen Upgrades in Time for the Holidays


    With the holidays in full swing, our attention at home naturally turns to the kitchen. The center of our homes, the kitchen is often the busiest room in the house. So, it’s only natural that if we look to make any home improvements this time of year, our first thought is that our kitchens could use a little “sprucing up”.
    So many people are re-doing their countertops these days. Granite and even quartz countertops are growing more affordable and their durability can’t be beat. However, I often caution people against adding new countertops if their cabinetry is in sad shape, ...

  • Afraid of Commitment?


    Test out your products and color choices at home before purchasing
    Why is it so important to look at colors in your own space before making a commitment? It’s simple – the light in showrooms and stores is different than your light at home, therefore the colors and even the texture may look different.
    A common example of this is the importance of painting a test area on your wall before you give the go-ahead to paint your entire house a color that you swore was perfect on the sample. I don’t know how many times I hear that the ...

  • What's Your Color?


    Choosing the right colors for your taste
    By Annie Nye, Ponderay Design Center
    Since the weather has cooled off, we are all starting to focus on getting our garden beds cleaned out, the last of the veggies canned, and each time I mow my lawn, I wonder how many more times I will get to pull that cord again this year.
    I hate to see summer go, but I also love how it cools down faster in the evenings, the smell of that first fire in the fireplace, and especially the colorful changes in the deciduous trees. I grew up ...

  • Use online resources and shop locally


    Design Your Dream
    Use online resources and shop locally.
    For people who have a hard time putting together their home interiors, I can see why they shop online. I can understand that it’s easiest to see furniture arrangements and know what works together. I had a client recently tell me that she purchased all of her furniture online. Sure enough, when I walked into her house, I could have picked out the catalog page number that matched her living room down to the candle holders on the sofa table. She was missing a couple of key components to finish out ...

  • Remodeling? Make Sure You Have A Plan.


    When you are buying a house, you have to provide a range of pricing that you are willing to spend, right? Then your agent researches houses in that range and arranges times for you to go look at them. If you showed up to look at a house without an appointment and didn’t have any idea of what you were going to spend or weren’t willing to share that information, you probably wouldn’t get very far without some irritated people.
    When you are buying a car, you have a good idea of what you can spend and you share that ...

  • How I Got Into Interior Design


    My first memory in the construction industry was when I was 8. My parents were remodeling our 1905 house… my older brothers thought it would be fun to hoist our bikes up on the second level of scaffolding, use a 2x6 as a ramp and ride down. I was “encouraged” to go first. When I woke up later, I learned that my front tire didn’t stay on the ramp for very long and that it was an impressive fall.
    Regardless of the skinned face and bruised ego, I was hooked. I loved construction – I got right in there and ...

  • Remodeling? Balance the Wants vs. Needs


    Let’s start with your wishlist…
    There’s a list of must-haves/necessities. A list of wants. Figuring out what to spend where is the key to allowing must-haves to mix in with the wants. There’s not a set formula for what you should allow for your upcoming remodels, but there’s an estimated percentage of what each portion usually costs and based on the value of your home, there’s a formula for how much to spend.
    According to Houzz.com, Sandpoint and its surrounding areas average kitchen remodel is $18,654. This average takes into account those spending as little as $3,000 and those spending ...

  • Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays


    AH, the holidays are here. Long sweaters with leggings and boots are everywhere, the Movember beards are in full growth (some more sparse than others), and the smell of cinnamon in the breezeway of every store will hold your nostrils hostage from now until we celebrate the New Year. 
    Speaking of overpowering scents… avoid too much “scent” when you entertain guests. There’s the smell of food, a fireplace burning somewhere, people all spruced up with various cologne or perfumes, and then the hostess lights candles for ambiance. Lighting candles for ambiance is great! Lighting scented candles for ambiance isn’t. Keep ...

  • Are You Afraid of Color?


    Do you fear color? Are you too chicken to splash some paint on your wall because it may be too “bold” or “trendy”. The good news is that paint is one of the least expensive things to change AND it’s one of the easiest things to test out before you commit. Most paint stores will sell quart-size containers of any color you can paint on the wall so you are able to look at the color in different light throughout the day. That way, you can live with it before you commit (just don’t tell grandma).
    Other ways to introduce ...

  • Make Your Home Ready for the Holidays


    It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about who's coming to our house for the Holidays. And in that same thought, we begin to think about what project we need to complete for those events. Entertaining for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Is the kitchen updated and ready to receive its guests?
    A couple things to consider when preparing for Holiday entertainment…
    First, give yourself plenty of time. If you want new cabinets, countertops, or backsplash, you are already too late to have it done in time for Thanksgiving. Most cabinet manufacturers are about 4-5 weeks out, two more ...