Afraid of Commitment?

Test out your products and color choices at home before purchasing

Why is it so important to look at colors in your own space before making a commitment? It’s simple – the light in showrooms and stores is different than your light at home, therefore the colors and even the texture may look different.

A common example of this is the importance of painting a test area on your wall before you give the go-ahead to paint your entire house a color that you swore was perfect on the sample. I don’t know how many times I hear that the paint looked less pink on the sample or someone wished they had gone with a more bold color, but they were scared because it looked so dark on the sample! Everyone should test it out in their home first.

This can be said for most interior purchases. Everything from tile to carpet, trim to cabinets, and wall colors to window coverings. Don’t be afraid to ask to borrow samples. As a salesperson, I actually am nervous ordering for someone who comes in, picks out their special order item after only looking at it a few minutes, using the showroom lighting, and then just orders it. Will you change your mind once it’s in your home? Will you be stuck with a product you don’t absolutely love? I encourage people to take samples and look at them in their own home. Then, when I come measure for whatever you’re ordering, we talk about the product specifics, color selection, and l leave the client’s house with us both feeling confident about their decision. I want you to love your purchase, brag about it to your friends, and then send them in to see me so I can help them too!

Now, let’s talk about the advantage of using a showroom to make your selections. Once you’re in the showroom, we don’t just let you pick out a few samples and walk out the door. We talk to you about your options, explain each selection, and walk you through the pros and cons of each product, and then we narrow down your options together. We’ve seen the product installed, we know how it works and we share our professional advice and opinions. You do not get this kind of service on the Internet. You also don’t get this kind of service and experience from a store that experiences a high rate of turnover. Most showrooms have experienced professionals that know what they are talking about.

A professional showroom not only has color samples, they display each of these products so you can test them. Instead of scrolling through pictures, you can touch and feel the textures, (all of them!), you can operate and explore the mechanics of how it works, and most importantly, you can ask questions to a real-life person who understands the product and makes sure it’s right for you.

In some cases, this may also mean that you pay a little bit more for the product, but you aren’t just paying for the product. You’re providing yourself peace of mind with the money you’re spending because you now have a company that stands behind what they sell, and if there are issues, you have local service.

However, with certain products, you may not be paying more at all when shopping local. Most local companies have vendors that they work closely with and, as such, they have preferred pricing from that vendor for their products. There are quite a few manufacturers that only sell through showrooms, and it’s because they demand their products have superior representation. They train the staff at these showrooms on their product and certify that the showrooms meet their criteria. When you purchase these products, you are guaranteed that product’s warranty and also have certified installation, service and repairs.

It pays to shop local. You get high quality products, professional installation, warranties and available repair services. There’s no hassle of boxing things up, finding a service center to ship it off to, and waiting four to six weeks to make its way back to you. Go visit your local showroom, ask questions, and be prepared to come home with some samples!

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