Are You Afraid of Color?

Do you fear color? Are you too chicken to splash some paint on your wall because it may be too “bold” or “trendy”. The good news is that paint is one of the least expensive things to change AND it’s one of the easiest things to test out before you commit. Most paint stores will sell quart-size containers of any color you can paint on the wall so you are able to look at the color in different light throughout the day. That way, you can live with it before you commit (just don’t tell grandma).

Other ways to introduce color would be to use patterns and bold colors in accent pieces. Often times, adding that splash of color or texture is all a room needs to really pull everything together. There are lots of ways to introduce that color accent. Throw pillows, furniture, backsplashes, tile accents, island cabinetry, glass, etc. Just remember, not everything has to match. In fact, when you match everything, it becomes too monochromatic and you lose a lot of the color simply because there’s no contrast. If you have dark cabinets, you should contrast that with lighter countertops. If you have dark flooring, you can contrast that with painted or a lighter stain color on the cabinets. Lots of folks are going with an island in their kitchen that is a painted cabinet whereas the perimeter cabinets are a stained wood.

Adding stain glass or a pattern glass in your entry door, cabinets, or table tops would be another way to introduce color and textures.

Besides paint and furniture, window coverings are another great way to add colors and textures. It’s amazing how much a pattern or color will pop with natural light illuminating it. Most have features that allow you to still see out and won’t encroach on your views.

There are just a few things to remember when it comes to adding color and increasing the “boldness factor” at your home because there are things you definitely want to avoid.

  1. Using too many accent pillows. I’m talking so many you can’t sit on the sofa or it takes you half an hour to unload your bed. It’s simple - select a few pillows of varying sizes, shapes and patterns and display them together. 
  2. Too many trinkets. If you have to move things out of the way on a side table so you can set your drink down, you may have too much “display”. Select a few and store the rest. During seasonal changes, swap them out.
  3. Too many patterns and textures. You don’t wear stripes with plaid right? Same goes for your house, you shouldn’t have competing patterns or textures. If the sofa has a pattern, select solid color pillows. If the wall has patterned wallpaper, go with simple solid or complementary window covering. 

In short, don’t be afraid to add color or textures and if you question whether or not it’s a good choice, ask someone for our professional opinion. We do this every day and are full of suggestions.

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