Use online resources and shop locally

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Use online resources and shop locally.

For people who have a hard time putting together their home interiors, I can see why they shop online. I can understand that it’s easiest to see furniture arrangements and know what works together. I had a client recently tell me that she purchased all of her furniture online. Sure enough, when I walked into her house, I could have picked out the catalog page number that matched her living room down to the candle holders on the sofa table. She was missing a couple of key components to finish out her house –her locally purchased mattress was on the floor, so at least she had a place to sleep, but the headboard was lost in transit somewhere and a replacement one would arrive in four to six weeks.

Ordering furnishings and interior items is difficult — after all you are paying additional for the shipping and waiting the transit time for their “white glove delivery.” And if you don’t like it, good luck sending it back to the vendor.

I’m not knocking magazine or online shopping. I think it is great to look in magazines, look online, tag things on Houzz or Pinterest. They are all great resources to get ideas of what is out there. Use these resources to help you be a smarter shopper. A smart shopper who gets the best customer service, support from a company that stands behind their warranties, and best of all, the items you buy are guaranteed to make it to you in one piece and on time. Use your resources and shop locally.

Based on what you like, tear those pictures out of your magazines, pin them to your board on Pinterest, take your own pictures, or jot down notes on what looks good to you. Start a file of those items. That way, you have an idea of what you want and can use that to convey to whomever you are purchasing from. Shopping local has its advantages when it comes to furniture and interior finishes.

I have people come in all the time with a simple photo of a vanity or more complex folder of photos illustrating their dream kitchen. They may like the layout of a particular island in one picture, but also want the style of the base kitchen cabinets in another magazine photo. We will use those different styles together to create their own unique kitchen. The same rings true for furniture, tile layouts, rugs and most all interior finishes.

Don’t be afraid to pull out your iPad, phone, or old-school folder with magazine tear-outs to give us an idea of what you like.

Also shoot a few photos of the room where you want to put the furniture, the cabinets you are replacing, or the windows for which you need blinds. Take a few dimensions of the kitchen or bathroom you need cabinets in, the windows you want blinds for, and the area you’ll be buying furniture for.

The more informative you can be, the more it helps us provide accurate renderings, information and pricing. You really do get the better end of the deal by shopping local because you will have the customer service and local support you deserve. (oh, and you are supporting your local economy!)

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